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Florida Horse Park

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Ocala Horse Life and Horse Shows

Ocala Horse welcomes you to the equestrian paradise of Ocala, Florida. Here, many of the nations top horse breeders perfect their craft, producing thoroughbred race horses as well as virtually every other breed of horse. Ocala, Florida is also winter headquarters for the HITS show jumping winter series at Hits Post Time Farm.

Ocala Horse Farms

Horse farms create stunning vistas of endless green grass accented by black horse fencing and majestic oak trees. Here, future racing thorobreds and horse show champions are born. A visit to a one of the many horse farms open to the public is a must.

Florida Horse Park in Ocala

Florida Horse Park, an attraction in itself, is the center of horse shows for North Central Florida. Skilled jumpers or disciplined dressage riders compete for ribbons almost every weekend.

Canterbury Showplace

Canterbury Showplace is a beautiful Equestrian Center located in nearby Newberry Florida and is open to horse-related events, horse eventing, and classic horse shows. Show schedule click here.

Hits Post Time Farm in Ocala

Winter months bring professional riders to the famous Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) circuit has been performing at Hits Post Time Farm in Ocala, Florida from mid January to mid March for over 30 years.

The HITS Ocala Winter Circuit offers grand prix show jumping classes in divisions for the beginner, novice and experienced rider. The circuit features 21 grand prix events worth over $1.5 million in prize money, which the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix to close out the circuit.

Hits Post Time Farm is located at 13710 US Highway 27 in Ocala, Florida. Spectators are welcome.

Hotels in Ocala

Staying in the Ocala area? Visit Hotels in Ocala for complete hotel, car rental and attraction reservations. Planing a trip to Orlando? Make reservations here.

Carriage Rides and Tours

Enjoy a leisurely horse carriage ride through horse country and enjoy the informative banter of your guide.

Jul 24, 2014
Top 5 Endurance Horse Health Issues
By Alexandra
With the prestigious Tevis Cup Ride just two weeks away (Aug. 9, to be exact), I figure it's only fitting I devote a blog post to a sport I know hardly anything about: endurance trail riding. During this 100-mile event, nearly 200 horses will attempt the trek across rugged California mountain terrain within a 24-hour time frame. The best of the best will be able to complete their ride on a healthy horse in approximately 14 or 15 hours, but half of the starters likely won't even finish. Why? Because this type of grueling ride can take its toll on horses. More info...

Jul 23, 2014
Fly and Other Insect Patrol for Senior Horses
By Erica
It wasn't until Dorado was 15 that we really started noticing him having trouble with the flies. It started with a more severe reaction to the Culicoides on the midline of his underbelly, and soon after he started pacing and trotting around, swishing his tail and shaking his head, to try to get relief from the flies. We tried changing fly sprays, which didn't help a bit. So we tried a fly sheet. Lo and behold, he quieted down the minute we turned him out wearing it. More info...

Jul 23, 2014
Its Flying Pest Season
Protect Your Horse from Disease and Discomfort

State Line Tack

Jul 19, 2014
Slobbering in Horses
by Stephanie
Last week I was out at a local barn and a towering draft cross gelding opened his mouth, releasing an equally imposing waterfall of lukewarm slobber into the floor of the arena. This might be what you might be seeing or hearing in your barns right now—puddles of slobber and the sounds of watery chews from all corners of the stable, possibly causing your stomach to do somersaults if you’re the queasy type. More info...

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