Ocala Horse Shows and Horseback Riding

Marion County, Florida

Ocala Horse welcomes you to the equestrian paradise of Ocala, located in the rolling hills of Marion County, Florida. Here, many of the nations top horse breeders perfect their craft, producing thoroughbred race horses as well as virtually every other breed of horse. Ocala, Florida is also winter headquarters for the HITS show jumping winter series at Hits Post Time Farm.

Ocala Horse Farms

Horse farms create stunning vistas of endless green grass accented by black horse fencing and majestic oak trees. Here, future racing thorobreds and horse show champions are born. A visit to a one of the many horse farms open to the public is a must.

Florida Horse Park in Ocala

Florida Horse Park, an attraction in itself, is the center of horse shows for North Central Florida. Skilled jumpers or disciplined dressage riders compete for ribbons almost every weekend.

Hits Ocala - 2015 Show Jumping Schedule

Winter months bring professional riders to the famous Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) circuit has been performing at Hits Post Time Farm in Ocala, Florida from mid January to mid March for over 30 years.

The HITS Ocala Winter Circuit offers grand prix show jumping classes in divisions for the beginner, novice and experienced rider. The circuit features 21 grand prix events worth over $1.5 million in prize money, which the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix to close out the circuit.

Hits Post Time Farm is located at 13710 US Highway 27 in Ocala, Florida. Spectators are welcome.

Rocking Horse Stables (Altoona)

Rocking Horse Stables offers a full slate of Dressage Shows, Combined Training Schooling Shows, and Pony Club National Testing events. Located in Altoona, Florida which is close to Ocala, Tampa and Orlando. Rocking Horse

Canterbury Showplace (Newberry)

Canterbury Showplace is a beautiful Equestrian Center located in nearby Newberry, Florida and is open to horse-related events, horse eventing, and classic horse shows. Show schedule click here.

Hotels in Ocala

Staying in the Ocala area? Visit Hotels in Ocala for complete hotel, car rental and attraction reservations. Planing a trip to Orlando? Make reservations here.

Carriage Rides and Tours

Enjoy a leisurely horse carriage ride through horse country and enjoy the informative banter of your guide.


Jul 28, 2015
5 Myths About Colic You May Still Believe
Colic has been recognized in horses for a long, lone time, but it’s only fairly recently that have veterinarians have been able to accurately diagnosis, and effectively treat, colic cases. For example, Chinese observers of a few centuries back recognized the signs of colic, and saw that affected horses couldn’t defecate, and even wrote about the problem in an early 17th century text. However, since the Chinese didn’t understand the horse’s anatomy, they didn’t really know what was going on. So, they concluded to effectively treat colic, a person should insert his arm into the horse’s rectum and attempt to remove feces from one of several “points” at which a blockage might occur. More info...

Jul 16, 2015
Second Annual Rolex Central Park Horse Show - September 23rd to 27th, 2015
New York, NY
horse shows
As one of the most anticipated equestrian events of the year, the Rolex Central Park Horse Show will make a triumphant return to New York City's iconic Central Park on September 23-27th 2015. The second-annual event will feature five days of multi-discipline equestrian sport and performances, ranging from Arabians and Dressage to Hunters and Show Jumping. The Rolex Central Park Horse Show will now host the inaugural U.S. Open in the in the following categories. US Open: Jumpers, US Open: Dressage, US Open: Hunters, US Open - U25 Jumpers, and US Open: Arabians. More info...

Jul 10, 2015
Understanding Horses' Water Requirements
By Kristen M. Janicki, MS, PAS
Water is one of the essential nutrients a horse needs to perform a number of life-support functions, including digestion and thermoregulation. Especially with the hot summer weather prevalent in much of the country, it's important to ensure horses have access to water at all times.
As horse owners, we know it's important to provide free-choice water to horses at all times, but it is also imperative that the water is of good quality, clean, and palatable. More info...

Jun 16, 2015
Poll Recap: It's Hot Outside!
Jennifer Whittle
Summer is nearly here, (in Florida it is here) which means things are heating up quickly. While some horses and riders can handle high temperatures better than others, heat combined with humidity can take a toll on any pair. So where do you draw the line?
In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers what temperature they consider it too warm to ride their horses. More than 1,450 people responded, and we’ve tallied the result
Of the 1,474 respondents, just over half (761) said they do not ride when it’s warmer than 90°F, while 323 (22%) said they did not ride when its over 100°F. Another 274 individuals (19%) said they chose not to ride if the temperature is warmer than 80°F, and 73 respondents (5%) say they avoid riding in temperatures warmer than 110°F. The remaining 43 individuals (3%) chose “other.” More info...

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